Tammy Holt

Tammy Holt


Tammy Holt

Operations Director

“Even if you think you’re set, get a second opinion. Maybe your plan is good, but it could be better.”

A former high school English teacher and problem solver by nature, Tammy knows the value of asking questions and doing your homework. Since joining the team at Biltmore Financial Services, she has learned a great deal about the financial myths and mistakes that plague many people and uses her knowledge to help clients as they work toward their financial goals.

“I’ve been fortunate to learn from such a wise and knowledgeable team,” says Tammy. “I found not just a job but my home. I love people and being able to help solve their problems.”

Tammy earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and her master’s at Lamar University. She is licensed to sell health and life insurance.

Away from the office, Tammy loves spending time with her husband, Ryan, their three boys, Abel, Huck and Rhyse, and their rescue dog, Max. The family enjoys playing games like checkers, Uno and Mario Kart. Tammy also enjoys listening to true crime podcasts and reading murder mysteries, doing crossword puzzles and spending time at the beach.

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