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Episode 2 – Working with Biltmore Financial Services Thumbnail

Episode 2 – Working with Biltmore Financial Services

What does it look like to discover the secrets of the wealthy? 

In this episode, John Mints takes you through the process of what it is like to work with Biltmore Financial Services to access the legal financial loopholes to keep more of your money. He discusses the process his team follows from start to finish, and emphasizes the importance of education for prospects and clients. 

You will learn:

  • What brings clients and prospects to Biltmore Financial Services 
  • How the team at Biltmore differs from other virtual and in-person service providers
  • The process that Biltmore takes when working with clients
  • What you can expect to happen (or not) during your initial meetings at Biltmore Financial
  • And more!

Tune in to now to hear how your journey to a happier retirement could begin with one simple phone call! 

Resources: John Mints | Biltmore Financial